Queensland Weather: Weather in Eastern Queensland have Varieties of Forecast This Week

Queensland Weather: Weather in Eastern Queensland have Varieties of Forecast This Week

Weather Update: 6:30 PM, Monday, March 4, 2024- Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)

Eastern and South Eastern Queensland weather forecast reflects increased probability of rainfall during the next two days. While Coastal area of southern QLD may have cloudy weather and more rainfall till Tuesday. Then rainfall or thunderstorm probability may decrease significantly throughout the rest of the week.

Accordingly, some moderate to severe thunderstorms likely across hilly area of Eastern and Southeastern Queensland during next couple of days. Specific date to be March 4 – 6th, 2024.

Monday-Wednesday, March 4th-6th: Showers and Heavy Rain with Thunderstorms are Anticipated Across South Eastern Coastal Queensland cities.

South Eastern coastal Queensland is expected to have cloudy weather during the next couple of days (4-6th Mar). Daily Showers, Rain and thunderstorm may affect the region in multiple spells, typically in the coastal area.

At the same time, Northeastern coastal area (Townsville to Bamaga) could also have rain and thunderstorms daily. But the rainfall activity may continue throughout the week without any single day interval. Although, daily short interval is anticipated with the forecast.

Eligible Areas for Showers, thunderstorms and Heavy rain during next 2 days:
Between Gold Coast, Brisbane to Mackay, most of the coastal areas are having daily rain or thunderstorm probability during this period (4-6th Mar). While some places of the coastal area may have moderate to heavy rainfall.

Also, Northeastern QLD Ranging between Townsville to Bamaga Coast may also have the same rainfall and thunderstorms probability.

Most of the Thunderstorms may build up around noon to afternoon during the mentioned period. While morning showers are anticipated everyday across the coastal Cities.

Thursday-Sunday, 7th-10th March: Rainfall activity may decrease significantly in the South East

Rainfall activity may decrease significantly across the southeastern QLD between Thursday and Sunday. While showers may still possible across isolated areas of the coastal cities, but not as frequent. 

Despite, North eastern coastal QLD ranging between Townsville and Bamaga may still have daily rain and thunderstorm probability throughout the period.

Additionally, increased rainfall probability may appear Across SE QLD in the weekend (Sunday). Accordingly, Some moderate to heavy rainfall may occur there in the coastal area.

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Australia Satellite
Australia Satellite image on 4th March 2024: JMA

Cautionary Advisory for Adverse Weather: 

Staying updated with the forecast will be crucial for planning outdoor activities and to adopt with the adverse weather condition in Eastern and South Eastern Queensland.

Keep umbrella for outdoor activities during the above-mentioned period. Don’t stay outdoor during any thunderstorm period. Seek your local authorities in case of any emergency due to lightning strike.

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FAQ 1: What is the weather forecast in Brisbane?
It will be cloudy tomorrow (Tuesday) with whole day rain and showers. Keep Umbrella to avoid any unexpected situation. Rainfall may decrease from 6th March 2024.

FAQ 2: How main days the rain to continue in Eastern QLD?
Rain to continue for 2 more days in the eastern coastal Queensland and decrease around 6th March 2024. But rainfall may continue throughout the week in the northeastern QLD.